L.A.’s first Cannabis co-working space : Launch event

ParagonSpace opened up today and it was crazy to see such support and appreciation of so many people. We were anxiously waiting for this day and now it has finally arrived, and the event has been nothing but outstanding. The launch was lit up in every sense, and the crème de la creme in LA attended it. Jessica VerSteeg, the CEO of Paragon, was thrilled to see her ParagonSpace launch go successful.

The wide lounge area, the patio, the meeting rooms, the lobby, basically the whole of 8,405 feet area was lit with green lights which is the color of the cannabis leaf representing the color of the future. Looking at the building from the aerial view gives a depiction of a greenhouse. The green plants on walls, the wooden furniture, and the cannabis leaf print on every door was giving people something to be mesmerized about.

Aerial View of Paragon space — covered area of 8405 Sq. feet

It was a closed event and so dignitary and very selective people were invited. There were celebrities, socialists, a few government regulators, and important media people including the electronic media, the print media, and magazine editors. There were 19 sponsors for the event including famous brands like ATLAS, JAJA, KISKANU and DANK CITY. The swag gift bags, which have goodies including Magic Pipe, were also given as souvenirs to everyone invited as a token for their unwavering support.

There was a huge crowd and not enough parking spaces were left as more came in to witness the important landmark for the cannabis world. The office spaces were already fully booked about two months ago and the number of applicants was far more than the spaces available which was astonishing and delightful at the same time for the Paragon community.

The launch of ParagonSpace holds extreme importance to the Cannabis community, and the support we see for Paragon depicts its true value in the eyes of people. Jessica Versteeg and Paragon has worked really hard for this day and today that it has proved fruitful. We see a prosperous future ahead for Paragon and for the advocates of cannabis.

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