Stop Useless Meetings. Here’s how to Actually Engage Your Employees.

Tired of useless meetings? UE.co’s Culture Manager shares her tips.

When you hear the words “staff meeting,” your eyes might start to roll back into your head, or your brain might instantly begin thinking of all the ways you can get out of it, or maybe your company doesn’t even do meetings anymore. However, if you’re lucky, you’re at a company that has mastered the art of company-wide meetings and know the value behind them.

Whatever your feelings towards staff meetings are, they are necessary to have, and they can be beneficial to your team when providing engaging information. At UE.co we have a morning ritual of meeting as a company at 9:00 am to hear departmental updates, make company announcements, and participate as a team with a group game/activity. These meetings beginning by ringing our schoolhouse bell, and range from 10–15 minutes in length. Meeting on a daily basis is essential to our company culture at UE.co, as these meetings fall in line with our core value of people incubation. We want our team to hear what their peers are working on, learn from mistakes, celebrate successes, and also be inspired by what others are doing around them.

When planning staff meetings, it is easy to get stuck in a routine, and there is a balance to make meetings both effective, and engaging. Here are different ways to pull your staff meetings out of a rut:

Toastmasters: Just as you would make a toast at a wedding, have two or three people make a toast to a new season/week/project/success. These can be serious, goofy and also under a minute.

Guess Who Game: Each employee has a notecard with a famous figure’s name taped to their back, and with only asking “Yes” or “No” questions, employees try to guess who they are. Encourage employees to continue walking around and asking a new colleague a question each time to encourage cross-departmental collaboration.

Setting Intentions: Have each person write their professional or personal purpose for the week on a sticky note to post at their workspace. This can be one word they want to focus on, a personal goal to meet, or a mindset to have that week. Have people share their intentions, then revisit these intentions at the end of the week or during your next staff meeting.

Whisper Challenge: One person wears headphones with loud music playing while trying to guess a word or phrase another employee is trying to say. This game is inspired by Jimmy Fallon.

Motivation Mondays: There is power in words, and speaking truth and positivity is an excellent way to start the week. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • Have your team share their favorite motivational quotes or memes
  • Repeat positive mantras out loud, “I am talented,” “I am qualified,” “I am confident”…
  • Watch a Kid President pep talk.

These are just a few ideas that are engaging, don’t require a ton of prep work, and don’t break the budget either. Despite your feelings towards meetings, getting your team together in one space communicating business updates, brainstorming ideas, or getting together to play a game will strengthen your company culture.

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