Blake Lively Thought A Reporter Was Commenting On Her Boobs and Had A Perfect Response

“You know when you’re freaking out about something and you know that’s all anyone else is seeing?” she explained. “You know, you’re aware of it, so everything everyone says is pointing out this thing you’re paranoid about, but no one’s really noticing.”

And naturally, things got worse before the better. Blake revealed that at one point it sounded like a reporter had shouted at her, “Your tits are amazing.” 

A mortified Blake seemed ready to let him have it and shot back. 

“I’m like, ‘What? Are we saying that? Have you been on Google in the past year? This is not OK,’” Lively said, referencing the recent Time’s Up movement. 

After a confusing conversation, the reporter added, “And your husband’s tweets are even better!”

“And I’m like, ‘Oh, tweets! Twitter!'” Blake laughed. 

Then of course she said she couldn’t help but think about how her chest really did look that night and pondered it on the walk to the premiere. “But how [is my chest]…How are they?'” 

Leave it to Blake to make a potentially heated situation totally hysterical. 

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