2016 Election Flashback But With More Democratic Strength: Twitter

As the midterm polls closed, social media timelines flooded with sentiments that resembled a flashback to the 2016 election

Some pundits projected Democrats would take the Senate and the House in this election, but the “Blue Wave” wasn’t meant to be this election. Twitter emoted at that fact in real-time.  

Writer Touré tweeted: “It’s funny, this is just about the time I started freaking out on Election Day 2016. And tonight there’s still not much to be happy about. Yet.” 

As Ted Cruz was called the winner in the Texas Senate race, Republicans clinched control of the Senate. Other key Senate wins for the Republicans took place in North Dakota and Indiana.

Trump, Obama Make Final Push as Dems Lead With 7-Point Edge

Democrats were successful in taking control of the House of Representatives. The midterms were seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump

“Well, technical difficulties persist on the needle. But the basic outline of the night seems to be clear: A rehash of the 2016 election, but with more Democratic strength,” tweeted New York Times writer Nate Cohn. 

Texas Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke lost by a percentage point to Cruz, yet his campaign helped bolster wins for other Democratic candidates in statewide Texas races. 

Other notable Democrat midterm election wins include:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29,  elected to Congress representing New York. She’s the youngest woman to be elected to the House. 

Bob Menendez reelected to the New Jersey Senate, despite a contentious campaign. 

What Is the ‘Blue Wave’ That May Hit Congress?

[NATL] What Is the ‘Blue Wave’ That May Hit Congress?

Kansas elected Sharice Davids, the first lesbian Native American woman elected to Congress. 

First-time candidate Donna Shalala, 77, was elected to Congress in Florida, turning the 27th Congressional district blue after decades under Republican control. 

Kendra Horn is the first Democrat to win a Congressional seat in Oklahoma’s 5th district in four decades.

See more reaction to the election results alluding to a flashback to 2016 as seen on Twitter. 

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