Raiders’ Derek Carr calls out Rihanna, Nolan Ryan, Clayton Kershaw

Derek Carr couldn’t lead the Raiders past the Bengals, but he did lead the NFL in name-dropping on Sunday.

In the most star-studded audible you may ever hear, the Raiders quarterback mentioned pop star Rihanna and baseball greats Nolan Ryan and Clayton Kershaw while changing a second-quarter play.

“Rihanna! Nolan Ryan!,” Carr barked out loudly enough for CBS’ microphones to pick up, before quickly switching up. “No. No. Clayton Kershaw! Clayton Kershaw!”

The Dodgers star pitcher may be pleased to hear “his play” turned into an 8-yard run by Doug Martin during Oakland’s first touchdown drive. It couldn’t prevent the Raiders’ 30-16 loss, but it did offer a modicum of intrigue in an otherwise blase afternoon.

Carr’s unique play change won’t rise to the notoriety of Peyton Manning’s “Omaha!” or even Rams quarterback Jared Goff’s “Halle Berry” audible, but what do you expect when you play on a 3-11 team?

Goff, one of the stars on a Super Bowl-caliber Los Angeles team, got national attention earlier this year when invoking the name of the Oscar-winning actress Berry. Even better for the former Cal standout, Berry noticed.

With the Raiders playing on Monday Night Football against the Broncos next week, it will be interesting to see if Rihanna or one of the baseball legends gets called out again by Carr on national TV.

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