Kevin Durant addresses New York Knicks rumors

“We’re dealing with the greatest scorer in NBA history when it’s all said and done and perhaps the greatest modern dynasty in professional sports — maybe — if it sticks together and it all hinges on Kevin Durant’s decision,” Dieter Kurtenbach tells Logan Murdock on this week’s episode of the Warriors HQ podcast before launching into a response to Golden State forward Kevin Durant’s Feb. 6 walkout of a post-game press conference.

Durant addressed New York Knicks rumors following Golden State’s 141-102 win against San Antonio Spurs, telling specific reporters to “grow up” and giving quotes that only sparked more questions on Durant’s prolonged recent silence.

“Why do you care?” Durant asked a reporter. “I didn’t feel like talking the last couple of days.”

Is that because of all the talk about his free agency?

“That’s the conversation you’re going to have,” Durant said. “I don’t think about that type of stuff. That’s your job.”

Kurtenbach responds to Durant in the 24th episode of the Golden State podcast.

“This is my point that I want to make though: He signs the one-year contract. That gives him ultimate flexibility, a lot of people have given him a lot of credit. He deserves that credit. He is handling his business to the fullest extent … This is the flip side of that though: You’re going to get questions like this — ad nauseam. Because let’s not forget what’s at stake here: The greatest dynasty perhaps in basketball history. Five, six, seven, eight rings in a row. This thing that came out of nothing, that he bolstered. If Kevin Durant leaves, the Warriors are still really, really good, but they’re not the Warriors … for him to complain about this and to duck it, like, if he would have just gotten out ahead of this and said ‘I still haven’t made a decision. Nothing that’s going on with the Knicks has anything to do with me,’ does that, any day, including tonight, it would’ve been over. But the longer it went on, the more it became a thing.”

Murdock agrees it was a “thing” and asks Kurtenbach how much reporters like The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss and himself are to blame for the narrative at the source of Durant’s frustration.

“I was the first person to write this stuff down. I’ll take some blame on this. But I thought it was weird and I’m ultimately not going to keep pretending as if Kevin Durant being a free agent at the end of the year isn’t a story.”

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