Get Ready For the One-Stop Archive of All things BTS

A new, fan-created database dedicated to BTS will come into existence over following weeks.

Announced today, a day-by-day historical archive of BTS’ career known as Armypedia, stylized in all capitals, will launch on Monday (Feb. 25). A crowd sourced memory depository, fans from around the globe can participate in its creation through March 24 via a global scavenger hunt.

“Get ready for the archive of all things BTS, made by ARMY!” tweeted the official Armypedia Twitter account today, referring to BTS’ fandom, ARMY. The twitter account featured Armypedia’s slogan, “BTS’ record created together by ARMY.”

Fans will be able to hunt down 2,080 puzzle pieces that will be spread throughout the world and in digital spaces, and access the site via QR codes. People who find the codes will be able to input information relating to each of the 2,080 days between BTS’ debut on June 13, 2013 through Feb. 21. ARMY’s who participate will be rewarded in reward points usable on the online store of BTS’ company, Big Hit Entertainment.

The word “Armypedia” trended worldwide on Twitter today as BTS’ fans celebrated its announcement. Later in the day, Twitter unveiled an emoji for the hashtag featuring Armypedia’s purple icon, a riff on BTS’ own logo

Armypedia was announced just days after BTS revealed their upcoming Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour. 

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