‘Dogs! A Science Tail’ Woofs at the California Science Center

Dogs? We can’t get enough of these wet-nosed, lap-cuddly, ball-chasing superstars, flat-out, end of story, and that’s how it is. But there’s no need to woof nor howl if you feel as though your life could use more Fido-style learning and Lassie-fun facts. There’s a brand-new “hands-on science exhibition” that’s delving into all aspects of dogdom, from their earliest beginnings as companions to humans to their abilities to sniff out all sorts of smells to how fast they run, how vigorously they play, and how well they work alongside people.

“Dogs! A Science Tail,” a touring exhibit, is premiering at the California Science Center on Saturday, March 16. But the fascinating look at our adorable BFFs found inside the exhibit aren’t the only amazing aspects to the sizable show; daily presentations, with live dogs, are also on the calendar, with groups like the California Highway Patrol K9 Unit and Canine Companions for Independence stopping by to provide instructive demonstrations.

And at the IMAX theater, just a short stroll from all of that furry fabulousness? “Superpower Dogs,” narrated by Chris Evans, celebrates a few smart, bold, and can-do canines, including search-and-rescue Rovers. Watch as these dogs learn the skills they need to help people in a pinch, and how they bond with the humans who train and adore them.

There’s a whole bunch of bark-worthy, tail-wagging to-dos happening, in short, at the California Science Center, starting on March 16. Behind all of this science and sweetness? The Annenberg Foundation and Wallis Annenberg PetSpace are two supporters, while PetSmart Charities is the national tour’s sponsor.

One thing to keep in mind? Service dogs are welcome, but your pup will want to sit this one out, arf arf.

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