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At Turn Source Imaging our job is to work closely with our customers
to develop a cost-effective solution to reap the benefits of becoming paperless.

We know and understand that every organization and project is unique.
Because of this, we treat each organization and project with a unique approach.

From start to finish. We develop the right processes to fit our customers and their business’s needs.

Cut Costs

Record storage facilities are a thing of the past.

Maximize Productivity

Locate and share documents easily. Never spend time searching through cabinets and boxes for a document again.

Ensure Compliance

Digital files last forever, or as long as your business requires. By going paperless you’ll be able to meet or exceed regulations.

Say goodbye to messy drawers and file cabinets, and welcome convenience, efficiency, and savings with southern California’s leading document scanning service bureau.

Our Document Scanning Process


With a dedicated Turn Source professional walking you through each step of the process, pre-planning the transfer from paper documents to digital files has never been less complicated. We’ve created an outline to show our customers where each of their documents stands during each stage of the conversion, where we hold an active file/document-inventory making sure nothing valuable slips through the cracks.

Document Shipping

Document Shipping:

One of Turn Source’s central objectives is organization. Each time we receive boxes of documents from you, or when we pick-up from your facility, we ensure an error-free inventory system is in place when your documents are signed off for delivery to one of our secured scanning facilities.

Document Preparation

Document Preparation Service:

Documents must first be prepared to be scanned. Our preparation staff is specially trained in the tedious tasks of removing staples, repairing torn pages, separating important records, and seeking out hindrances that could potentially slow down the scanning process.

Enhanced Document

Enhanced Document Scanning:

Once, they’re taken to our scanning department to be fed through our high-quality commercial scanners. send-off your boxes of documents are prepared for Our team will specify the image-resolution, color-settings, and barcode separation of your preference — we can provide our customers a sample box after the initial test to ensure our customers will be happy with the quality of the finished product.

Indexing and Data Capture (OCR)

Indexing and Data Capture Service:

The key component of the scanning process is indexing your digital files, as that’ll be your way of searching for and locating them. We index single names to files and/or extract various fields of information from an image to create layers of folders to organize the files in. Using OCR(Optical Character Recognition) conversion, we create files that are searchable by keyword to better help you locate and organize your documents.

Quality Service Review

Quality Review Service:

Creating the highest-quality imagery and document-conversion in the business is our mission to our customers. As an additional step that sets us apart from our competition, after the final touches of a project are completed our Q&A staff diligently inspects and reviews each file to ensure any minor issues are found and solved before being delivered back to our customers.

Types of Document Scanning Services We Offer

Document Scanning Services Sacramento

Our document scanning services allow businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes to reap the benefits of going paperless without the costs and headaches of investing in new hardware, software, and using up precious time and energy.

Large Format Document Scanning Sacramento

We’re equipped with scanning technology that can digitize large format/oversize documents of any
variety, including architectural plans and blueprints, maps, engineering plans, drawings, and much more; whether or not your documents come in flat cabinets, in rolls, are new or old — or just flat-out ugly, we at Turn Source have your solution.

On-site and Mobile Copy Document Scanning Services Sacramento

In instances our customers cannot move documents — often due to the record’s inability to be moved off-site due to legal purposes, temporary hardships, security concerns, or just the uncomfortable feeling of the documents leaving — we have an experienced team of on-site scanning project managers that will travel to your location, quickly set up, and get started scanning in a few days or less.

Reprographic Document Scanning Services Sacramento

Document reprographic scanning for manuals, reports, blueprints, construction plans, and more.

Backfile Document Scanning Services Sacramento

Backfile document scanning services in Irvine for digitizing payment invoices, employee records, legal documents, loan files, health records, student records and more.

Bulk and Archival Document Scanning Services Sacramento

Archival or Bulk Document Scanning Services is a classification of our scanning services that makes sense for organizations with a large volume of documents. We find that some of our customers are seeking a service that is much less comprehensive than even the standard protocol, or they are looking to leave their current records storage company due to retrieval and monthly fees.

Day-Forward Document Scanning Services Sacramento

Day-forward document scanning services for invoices, health records, checks and payment remittances, legal documents, loan files, insurance claims, student records and more.

Document Shredding Services Sacramento

The main objective of our document shredding service is to guarantee the protection of our customer’s information. Document destruction and paper shredding services are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

Book Scanning Document Services Los Angeles

Book document scanning services, newspaper document scanning services, and magazine document scanning services. We have the expertise to scan any type of book, magazine, and even newspaper, into high-quality text or imagery.

Data Capture and OCR Services Sacramento

Using Data Capture and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion, we turn scanned images into organized, searchable indexed information.

Document Management and Storage Services Sacramento

Using Data Capture and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion, we turn scanned images into organized, searchable indexed information.

DMS and System Integration Services Sacramento

Our software allows us to build databases and export directly to some of the most common software systems, and document management systems.

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