For Decades, a Sexual Predator Doctor Groomed This Community to Believe He Could Do No Wrong

Johnnie Barto, 71, will be sentenced Monday at Cambria County Courthouse in Pennsylvania to spend what’s likely to be the rest of his life in prison for sexually abusing a total of 29 children, including two relatives when they were minors, NBC News reports.

Prosecutors say Barto has admitted to sexually assaulting more than two dozen children during the four decades he practiced medicine, and that most were victimized in the examination room of Laurel Pediatric Associates, his practice in the Johnstown suburb of Richland Township.

Erika Brosig said she was 12 when she was assaulted by Barto in 1994 and remains haunted by what happened to her.

“He just stuck his hand down my pants, digitally penetrated me, and he moaned,” she said. “The sound of that moan will never leave me.”

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