East Bay man allegedly stalked, plotted to rape strangers

MARTINEZ — On the morning of March 26, a woman known in court records only as “Jane Doe 1” woke up and began her daily routine, getting herself ready to make it out of the house before 7:30 a.m. and head off to work.

She didn’t know it then, but outside, a man was waiting, stun gun in hand, a woman’s wig atop his head. Doe 1 would later tell authorities she didn’t recognize him, but police would come to find he had been studying her. He had her name, age, and address written down, arial photos of her house, and handwritten notes about his plan, according to court records.

“(Doe 1) very likely lives alone…she might be able to squeeze in the tactical bag,” read one note entitled “Rape (Jane Doe 1),” according to police.

Within 24 hours, police identified a suspect, 37-year-old Matt Caruso, of Newark, and uncovered evidence of a chilling plot. Caruso allegedly collected notes that mapped out a plot to rape two women, one in Walnut Creek, the other in Danville.

According to police, Caruso kept notes on where the women lived, their jobs, and directions on how to get there. He allegedly downloaded satellite images of their homes detailed graphic, grotesque ways he’d force himself on them. It is unclear how he came to select Doe 1 and Doe 2 as victims.

“I need to rape (Jane Doe 2),” one note allegedly said. “I will tie her to my bed…rape her hard…she is so hot!!”

For both victims, Caruso allegedly speculated about whether they would fit into a tactical bag.

On March 29, Caruso was charged with three felonies: attempted kidnapping, assault with intent to commit rape, and possessing child porn. He had his first court appearance Wednesday, and remains in custody in lieu of $1.1 million bail.

Caruso was identified as a suspect hours after the attack on Doe 1, in part thanks to a maintenance man who noticed a suspicious box at an apartment complex on the 400 block of Rancho Arroyo Park in Fremont. Local police responded and searched the box, locating a sex toy, bondage straps, a stun gun, a wig, stolen license plates, and the notes on both women, according to court records.

They also found receipts from a local supermarket, which they used to identify Caruso. His fingerprints were found on multiple items in the box, according to police. Authorities arrested Caruso in his Newark home the day after the attack on Doe 1.

During a search of Caruso’s home, police recovered multiple guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, authorities said.

Caruso’s arraignment has been set for April 9.

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