Could new bridge across the bay lead to parking woes in S.F.

Q: Another bridge across the bay from Highway 238 to Interstate 380 is the best large project that could be built with a new tax. Still another bridge closer to San Francisco would be desirable, and there is still interest in building a parallel Bay Bridge. The bridge south of there would be better for so much traffic that isn’t headed to or from San Francisco, and can bypass it.

Dave Simpson

A: That would be popular and expensive. But building a new bridge into San Francisco might have an unintended impact.

Q: What if they built another bridge toward San Francisco only to discover that San Francisco has no place for people to park?


A: Bummer, but that is virtually the case today.

Q: With all the bad press for the DMV recently, I’d just like to say I’m very pleased with the photo on my driver’s license.

I wish I looked that good all of the time.

Mark Thorson, Saratoga

A: The DMV allows drivers to review their photo and have a new one taken if they wish.

Q: In England, they drive on the left side of the road. Here, we drive on what’s left of the road.

Shirley Sprague, Concord

A: Good line. But with all the new taxes being collected for pavement repairs, keep the faith. You’ll start to spot crews out in a few weeks.

Q: I hope you can shed some light on what in the world is going on with the clogged traffic on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Both ramps onto Interstate 580 westbound are backed up until 9:30 a.m. on some days. That has me arriving at the Tiburon fire station one hour-and-a-half later where my wife and I commute to play bridge.

Never in the 15 years since we have we been making this commute have we experienced such a predicament! I’ve not noticed accidents or other reasons that would explain the slowdown.  Can you please explain the situation?

Honestly, as much as we enjoy playing bridge, we are ready to give up trying to make it to this venue in the future.

Don Kosovac, Point Richmond

A: It could be a tough drive for the next three months. Caltrans is replacing 62 bridge joints. That work will take place at night, but combined with a huge surge in traffic can ripple hours later.

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