Oh Baby! A Dozen Nurses are Expecting at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital

One baby, two babies, now a total of twelve babies are expected to be born at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego, all from nurses who work there.

These 12 soon-to-be moms work at the Labor and Delivery Unit at the hospital and have due dates just months apart from each other, spanning from May to October.

“We love babies so, when we don’t see enough babies on our floor, we make our own and we give each other business.” Said Martina Feather, who is due at May.

The nurses maintain a board with names of those expecting. The list soon grew needing another page.

“It was one name, then two names, then every week there was a name added,” Maricel Sadiarin said, whose due date is in July.

When they realized so many of them were pregnant, they wrote to The Ellen DeGeneres Show describing their story and were gifted with 12 tickets to the Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show.

“It’s the 12 of us going and were excited to carpool up to the show and see what we get and just have a fun day together,” Joelle Price said, who is due in May.

Price is due on May 20, she hopes she can make it to The Ellen DeGeneres show but said she is prepared for anything.

“They have paramedics on site just in case there is an emergency, plus we are all labor and delivery nurses so we can deliver each other’s babies if we needed to,” Said Price.

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