bitchy | Courteney Cox’s daughter Coco wears her dress 21 years later

Soon after Courteney Cox joined Instagram, she told James Cordon regarding figuring out what to post, “I still have some flashback – thank God for (Throwback) Thursdays and (Flashbacks) Fridays – those are really killing it for me.” And if you check out her page, you see what she means (no shade – if it weren’t for pets and food, I’d have a very sad and lonely page myself). However, Courteney has been branching out, playing with silly filters and face-switches that turn her into Jared Leto. Her latest post is a nice blend of old and new, when she posted a pic of a dress she wore over two decades ago side-by-side with her daughter Coco, 14, wearing it in present day:

I remember the night Courtney wore this dress! She wore it in 1998 to the premiere of Snake Eyes (which, ironically, I don’t remember at all – not even the title). At that time, Courteney was my penultimate physical ideal. I wanted to look like Laurie Petrie above all else but Courteney was a very close second (I was never going to look like either). Everything is working here, the color of the dress complements her and her styling is just about perfect. But the true beauty of this dress, which is a pretty simple design, is how perfectly it is fit to her, which is exactly why it’s working on Coco as well. It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Premiere Dress (or just a good tailor). I hope Coco is wearing it for something fun, like maybe a school dance. Nobody her age would remember it, but she knows the history to it and she still looks amazing. Like Courteney, I don’t usually hang on to clothing but this is a good argument for it.

Side-note: Courteney talks about Coco all the time but never in a TMI way and they always look so peaceful in photos together. Just going off the photographic evidence I have, it seems like they have a really solid mother-daughter dynamic. That’s wonderful.

Secondary side-note – the only thing I did not like about Courteney’s styling the night she wore that dress in 1998 was that she accessorized with David Arquette wearing this:

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