bitchy | Prince William ‘is quite controlling’ & he hates that he can’t control the Sussexes

Several weeks ago, we discussed the confirmation from The Sun that the Sussexes and Cambridges were pulling the plug on their jointly operated Royal Foundation. It wasn’t surprising at all and had in fact been largely expected for months. Prince William and Prince Harry have had a significant falling out and it doesn’t even appear that they’ve substantively buried the hatchet. Harry and Meghan want to do their own thing as well, and according to the Sun’s sources, William and Kate were basically like “you need to make your minds up right now about the future of the foundation” and the Sussexes were like “give us some time, we’re still figuring it out” and the Cambridges pulled the plug. Well, a new Sunday Times piece basically regurgitates the story with very few new pieces of information. I did find these quotes interesting though:

Now Harry and Meghan’s office is being moved to Buckingham Palace so the Queen can have more oversight over what they are up to, it is claimed. An insider who used to work for the Prince of Wales told the Sunday Times: “William’s quite controlling, and he was in control when it was just the three of them, but now he’s not. I personally wouldn’t overegg Meghan’s role in this because it’s unfair, but equally she knows what she’s doing as an actress from Hollywood.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

That came from a Charles-insider huh?? I don’t think William is “controlling” in the sense that he wants everything done a certain way and he has to micromanage everything. I think he’s too lazy for that. What he does want is to control Harry and Meghan though and that’s pretty awful. I also have no idea what this is about: “I personally wouldn’t overegg Meghan’s role in this because it’s unfair, but equally she knows what she’s doing as an actress from Hollywood.” Hollywood actresses being notorious for… like, royal Cain and Abel bullsh-t, I guess. Speaking of weird shade for Meghan’s “actress” career, the Sunday Times also included this:

Prince Philip warned Harry against tying the knot with Meghan Markle by telling him: ‘One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them’, it is claimed. The Duke of Edinburgh, 98, is believed to have made the outspoken remark to his grandson when it became clear the couple’s whirlwind romance got serious. But Harry, 34, ignored the advice and proposed and tied the knot with the former Suits actress, 37, in May last year.

It is also claimed that Prince William gave his own piece of relationship advice, asking his brother ‘Are you sure?’ shortly before the Duke of Sussex proposed in 2017.

[From The Daily Mail]

If I’m being honest, this is the whole reason why I initially didn’t believe that Harry and Meghan were really serious about one another, when we first learned about their relationship. The royals have many “rules” about which girlfriends are appropriate and which girlfriends are not, and the Windsors have always been prejudiced against actresses. I thought that even if Harry cared for Meghan, it wouldn’t last because his family would put an end to it, or they would put pressure on Harry OR Meghan (or both) to break up. But yeah, Philip has known a lot of actresses in his day. He reportedly had a fondness for the blonde ones.

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