Watch: Conan O’Brien gets revenge on Kumail Nanjiani for ‘Conan’ cancellation

July 12 (UPI) — Conan O’Brien was left without a guest on his talk show Conan after Kumail Nanjiani canceled his scheduled apperance at the last minute.

O’Brien had to come up with content for his show on the fly Friday, due to Nanjiani’s absence.

The comedian stated that Nanjiani, who he still complimented, was unable to attend the show due to being caught up in filming his HBO series Silicon Valley. O’Brien said that in his 25 years of doing a show, his only other cancellation was from Liza Minelli in 1996.

Nanjiani was set to discuss his new film Stuber with O’Brien and present a clip from the action comedy that also stars Dave Bautista.

O’Brien, in wanting to get some playful revenge, instead played a clip from Disney‘s Lion King remake which will be going up against Stuber at the box office.

O’Brien, due to not having a guest, spoke with audience members and interviewed his assistant Sona Movsesian.

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