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Good Evening Friends!

As for everything going on with the newsletter and changes, we’re just moving forward with some of them and killing others.

NOTE: On Sunday it was our first time listing real estate for sale in Fresno and on the Coast, namely Cayucos. We receive no compensation for doing this from the two realtors we mentioned. We are only using their properties and businesses because we believe & trust them as business people. Other than that we’re just giving you options in the event you’re looking?

In This Evenings Edition

  • We also added three historical videos in The Mishegoss section that covers Chinatown in San Francisco, The Central Valley, and Los Angeles. We thought you might enjoy those for something different.

Hey! Have you checked out the California Mishegoss podcast yet? It’s up and running. It still isn’t on iTunes however, but it is on Spotify and Google Podcasts and a couple of others. I need to sit Patti down tonight so that we can record Sunday’s edition, but for now, there is one episode ready for you to listen. We’re still working on the right format, but we’re getting there.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and see you Thursday!

BTW: If you do not like the changes, please let us know in the comments section. We’d rather do things that keep you reading then lose you as a subscriber. We’re open to change.

Be Well,

Mark & Patti

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