Kenya Moore’s Baby Brooklyn Is Taking Swimming Lessons Ahead Of Her Upcoming Ocean Trip

Kenya Moore shared some new pics of her baby Brooklyn on her very own social media account that her mom made her. Fans can see baby Brookie at the pool, taking swimming lessons.

Kenya says that her daughter is taking swimming lessons just ahead of her upcoming trip to the ocean so it’s pretty clear that a vacay is on its way for these gorgeous ladies.

‘Hey girl let’s get this swimming thing down. I have a trip to the ocean coming up 👶🏽’ Kenya captioned the post.

Porsha Williams commented: ‘Look at lil chunky ! Too cute ❤️🔥’

Someone said: ‘Brooklyn wants to know what’s this curly thing this baby has around her 1st Pillar turban now this other curly thing?????’

Another follower posted: ‘I can see this being a meme if it isn’t already lol she has so much personality already.’

One fan said: ‘O now now, brookie what you doing, are you fin to swim. Girl you just to munchie. 😂’

Kenya had her fans freaking out when she told them that she took her daughter to the ER. She also posted about this on Brookie’s social media account:

‘I wasn’t feeling well so mommy took me to the ER last night. I’m feeling much better today and mommy took me to a new class. Ask her why she didn’t change me 👶🏽❤️’

One follower posted: ‘She is made for the camera she knows just how to look at it and shine she is special. And a beauty.’

Someone else shared: ‘You have the perfect baby. So glad me spending too much time on IG led me to her page.’


Everyone loves Brookie.

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