Picks of The Week (9/25/2019)

What delights await you in the ‘Haus of Creep?’ Source: Just Fix It Productions (photo by Hatbox Photography)

What our staff and community is enjoying and looking forward to this week…

So what should I go see?

This is, without question, the number one question we get around here. It’s also the hardest one to answer, as everyone’s tastes are different. Not to mention: our audience is even more spread out around the country (and world) than we are.

So here’s what we’re gonna do: each week we’re polling our staff and Patreon backers to find out what the hottest tickets are. Like everything we do this will start small and then get incredibly unwieldy.

If you want to add your voice to the mix: all Patreon backers are invited to participate in our weekly survey. We’ll pull quotes from some of them into every post, when appropriate.

These picks cover Sept. 26 — Oct. 2, 2019

Cooping Theory

I’m really excited for people to go see Cooping Theory — it manages to feel like a lived in Italian horror film from the 60’s, which is such a tricky and fantastic tone to pull off. — Blake Weil, NYC Editor

Looking forward to two things this week: Spies!! Even More Spying in Philly, which I saw last week and does a phenom job of getting folks super invested in fantastically dumb characters. Also excited for Broken Bone Bathtub, which is happening in my bathtub in Philly on Monday. Any show that has to note that the performer is fully covered but also that bubbles are unpredictable so maybe not, has my attention. — Jessica Creane, Philadelphia Correspondent

The Walls of Harrow House

I’m tremendously curious on how they’ll marry frightening immersion with puppetry. — Patrick McLean, Chicago Correspondent


I’m looking forward to being in Seattle on Sept 26 and 27 for the Themed Entertainment Association’s SATE conference(Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience). Two days of talks and demonstrations from the industry’s brightest, and lots of great networking in the world of theme parks, museums, and location based entertainment. — Jeff Crocker, reader


I am most excited about Unhinged. This will be my first visit to the Winchester Mystery House and I can’t think of a better opportunity to experience it! I love historical buildings, I love haunted locations, and I love immersive theater, so this experience ought to be right up my alley! Now, what am I going to wear? — Briana Roecks, LA Contributor

Haus of Creep

Not content to rest easy, Just Fix It Productions and Creep LA have changed up their formula this year with Haus of Creep. Featuring a rare-in-LA sandbox style along with a story that’s a meta-commentary on art, Haus is everything you want out of a Creep show: weird, artsy, scary, fun, sexy, and cool with a few new twists. I can’t wait to go back. — Kevin Gossett, LA Editor (read his review)

Haus of Creep is weird and sexy, and it doesn’t rely on gore or extreme contact to pull it off. It’s the only show I’ve seen this year that I’ve wanted to see again, and I had that urge immediately upon exiting. Even if you don’t get a full narrative (depending on how you choose to spend your time in its open world format), you do get a full identity. It’s a world I wanted to spend more time in, and that’s rare for me. — Juliet Bennet Rylah, reviewer at large


So here’s a late add: they just released Vader Immortal Epsiode II for the Oculus Quest and Rift. So there goes my Wednesday night. And I gotta pack for Vancouver Immersed!!! — Noah Nelson, Publisher

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