Gina Kirschenheiter Slams Vicki Gunvalson For Spreading Rumors About Kelly Dodd Despite Making Peace!

While on Watch what Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Gina Kirschenheiter did not hold anything back when she blamed Vicki Gunvalson for spreading that rumor about Kelly Dodd. In other words, it looks like she is not letting the two ladies’ feud die down anytime soon.

On the newest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, they seemed to make peace but despite this, it looks like Gina is still talking about their conflict.

During WWHL, she was asked by a fan if she thought ‘Vicki’s taking way too much heat for the whole ‘train’ incident, when technically, it was Tamra [Judge] who brought up the ‘train.’’

What they were referring to, was the rumor that Kelly was part of a so called ‘sex train’ with 8 men once!

This speculation has followed the reality TV star the whole season!

‘No, absolutely not. I think that’s a really big misconception, and Miss Vicki knows exactly what she did. I love Vicki, but she kept pushing and pushing and pushing and just saying, over and over again that, ‘I know more than I am saying.’ And then Tamara was finally like, ‘Alright, enough already. Like, I have had it — either s**t or get off the pot.’ You know? It is what it is. Tamra always gets a bad rap for a lot of stuff that happens,’ Gina told the host and fellow guest Jenny McCarthy.

The rumor was started by Vicki and then Tamra shared it with the other ladies.

During a confessional, Tamra, however, said it was just a ‘stupid rumor.’

But Vicki spread even more rumors about Kelly, one of them being that she is not allowed to her daughter’s school, for some reason.

It was, of course, proven to be false.


After breaking down in tears on the last episode of RHOC, Vicki finally apologized, making peace with Kelly.

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