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What about when the move is determined

After I graduated highschool I started working full-time to save money for my abroad year. Even if there is an opportunity to take loans for a study abroad year I would recommend saving as much money as possible before moving. There are always extra expenditures and therefore it’s very good to have extra savings in case something unexpected happens.

Moving to Los Angeles hasn’t been easy and it took a lot of courage but it was worth it in the end. I think the most meaningful things and the things that makes you grow the most as a pearson, are to do things that you are not 100% comfortable with. Sometimes things actually has to be hard getting through to realise you learned something from it. It’s all a part of becoming independent and to grow up. I have always been very anaclitic and felt like I have to become more secure of myself, that’s why I feelt the desire to move.

In this blog you will find tips and tricks, pros and cons with moving away and things you might haven’t thought about that could be meaningful for your experience. You will hear about my thoughts but also things I wish I had known before moving. I remember that I didn’t know where to start, everything became a blurry mess. I was afraid I would do something wrong or miss something out completely. Reading this article will help you sort out a lot of information and make sure you get away on your own abroad year.

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