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Los Angeles — The city of Dreams, is the second most populated city in The United States where things happen all the time. It’s practically a city that never sleeps and the possibilities are endless. The city is known for it’s hot weather, high pulse and unique culture. There is so much to do and probably you feel like you don’t know where to start. I will make sure you don’t miss out on the most important ones.

Hike the hollywood sign

The best time to experience this in either in the morning when the temperature is low and cool. It’s awful to hike mountains right in the middle of the day when the sun is burning. If you’re not the eairy bird who likes waking up early you could watch the beautiful sunset while hiking in the evening instead. LA is famous for the beautiful sunsets when the sky is turning into all different kinds of colors. And to explore that combined with a view over the whole Los Angeles city is the not the worst experience, I can tell. Just be prepared for complete darkness as soon as the sun goes down, therefore it’s probably best to not wait too long fascinating and looking at the magical sunset.

Besides this beautiful experience and spectacular view don’t miss the point that hiking is a perfect workout. You are also able to adjust the hike so that it adopts you’re qualifications. If you usually don’t workout, don’t rush and enjoy the view as much as possible. It will be a lot of uphill and downhill. And if you have the ability to, you can try running och jogging through the whole hike. I can promise you will have trouble to walk straight the next morning.


Malibu is located approximately 45 minutes drive from The City of Los Angeles, depending on the traffic (as always in LA). I would recommend to rent a car for this trip but it works just fine to take an uber instead. The journey while driving to Malibu is an experience itself because the road is located right next to the ocean and you’ll have to drive next to it the whole time. Malibu has a different kind of aura compared to the hectic pulse of the heart in LA. In Malibu you can expect surfers strolling around, cute houses right behind the beach, wind, salt and fresh air. The atmosfear is much more chilled and calm even though it’s very close to the big city. The reason I would rent a car during this trip is because the whole coast is filled with different beaches and cozy spots. To get the most out of it I would drive to a least to different locations during the trip.

The Malibu pier is a great place to have lunch at, I would recommend the farmer’s market. It’s the perfect place to have a tasty and healthy lunch while looking at the surfers catching the waves. You can also walk down the pier and take some pictures at the end of it. Something else you can’t miss is the Matador beach. It’s a beautiful beach with a lot of huge rock formations, the instagram-post possibilities here are endless.


In Venice you could actually spend a whole day, it’s impossible to get fed up at this place. The best way to explore this location is to start at the beginning of the street. All the way through the street you’ll walk with the beach on one side and all the shops and restaurants on the other side. The street is filled with street-artist and entertainers. There are also a tremendous amount of small shops with sunglasses, phone cases and snacks. In the middle of Venice there’s a big skatepark where you can either skate yourself or watch all the pros doing some impressive tricks. If that doesn’t interest you, there’s also basketball courts, you could workout at the outside gym or ride rollerblades.

Santa Monica beach

You can’t visit Los Angeles without stopping by the famous beach located in Santa Monica. Pack your stuff and bring a cozy picnic to enjoy at the beach. The beach extends all the way from Venice and past the Santa Monica Pier if you would like to take a long walk by the beach in the morning. And if laying on the beach all day bores you to death it’s fun to stoll around the pier, maybe take a ride in one of the roller coasters, play some games in the carcade hall or eat a huge sundae.

Rodeo drive

This street is located in the center of Beverly Hills, one of the finer areas in Los Angeles. Rodeo drive is full of luxury shops, everything from Louis Vuttion and Gucci to Prada and Balenciaga. Even though the budget maybe doesn’t allow any big spending in these shops the whole street is very lavish and nice to stroll around. You won’t be able to miss all the luxury cars driving through these streets and fancy people who are carrying a dozen shopping bags. The street is pretty short so make sure to sit down for a coffee or lunch to enjoy the surroundings.

I’ll hope you enjoy your time and make sure to take a lot of pictures, this city is the most photo friendly of them all.

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