Rancho Cucamonga Neighborhood Hit With 2nd Home Invasion Robbery in 11 Days

Two home invasion robberies took place about half a mile apart over the past two weeks in Rancho Cucamonga have investigators attempting to connect the dots to see if the incidents are connected.

That first home invasion occurred on Oct. 3, quite literally, around the corner from where another neighbor was held up at gunpoint Monday evening in the 13000 block of Carnesi Drive.

The family who lives inside the large home on Carnesi Drive was too shaken to speak with NBCLA Tuesday night after being held up and robbed a night earlier.

“This is so scary; the kids are so small,” Maricela Luna, a neighbor, says. “Sometimes, the husband is at work. You’re left alone. You’re vulnerable.”

Shockingly, Monday’s robbery was the second home invasion in the upscale neighborhood in 11 days. 

Security footage from Di Carlo Place, where the first robbery took place earlier this month, shows three robbers enter the garage. There, they zip-tied and pepper-sprayed the Hafez family.

“We thought this was behind us,” Mike Hafez, a robbery victim, says.

Hafez says the neighbor who was robbed Monday night drove to his house and told him what happened.

“He said his son was outside putting air in the tire with the garage open,” Hafez said.

Hafez says the victim’s security camera shows one robber get out of the white car and approach the son, demanding he take him inside the home. Hafez thinks the robber may have been spooked by the presence of several family members.

“Then, after the guy saw there’s a lot of people in the house, he grabbed the purse and ran away,” Hafez said. 

Investigators aren’t saying whether the two robberies are connected, only that they’re looking at all possibilities. 

“Its crazy. I’m calling on the sheriff’s department to step it up,” Hafez called on authorities to make an arrest before more people are victimized. 

He says, “They need something to deter them. We need to do something about it.”

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