Dwight Howard Is Back On Top Form After Being Mocked For Apparent Inappropriate Gesture In This Video Following The Masin Elije Scandal

Dwight Howard has been dealing with some odd stuff lately, the trouble started with a thread on Twitter by Masin Elije, and the rumors about him just have not stopped.

Some of them have gotten quite serious, too, and it looks like the NBA star will not be able to escape his “fame” anytime soon.

Entirely, on the contrary, things seem to be ramping up lately, with people on Twitter and other social media platforms always ready to jump on him for anything he says or does.

Just recently, Howard came under fire for a gesture that some perceived as inappropriate — all because Howard fell on George Niang, facing him backward.

A video from the NBA game seems to show Howard pushing his finger inside Niang’s behind, and immediately became viral and was shared by thousands of people in a short time.

And while many have pointed out that the incident is taken out of context, most of the people sharing the video do not seem to care, as it provides a pretty good entertainment value for them.

Howard has not responded to the situation at all, though some have pointed out that it is probably wise of him to just stay quiet at the moment.

In the end, though, there is no indication insight that the situation around Howard is going to calm down anytime soon.

He might have a lot more to deal with shortly, judging by the way people have been attacking him on this incident and the general attitude of his followers.

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is trying to focus on his purpose for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He said in a new interview: “I think it’s my purpose to go out every single night and play hard defense, trying to block every shot, trying to be in the paint, get a lot of steals, go for loose balls. Whatever I can do for this team, be of service, that’s my mission. I don’t see it as my role; I see it as a purpose.”

The good news for the NBA star is that his basketball skills are slowly coming back to the surface and pushing the different rumors about his sexuality and personal life.


This season has been performing really well.

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