bitchy | This stupid Peloton commercial went viral for all the wrong reasons

I’m on the treadmill a lot at my gym, and I spend a lot of my treadmill time just kind of blanked-out watching ESPN and CNN. For about two weeks, this Peloton commercial has been on heavy rotation on both channels. This is nothing new – the $2000 stationary bike was the big new bougie thing last year, and I remember there were tons of commercials trying to convince people to buy a Peloton for their spouse or something. Peloton did a new commercial for this year’s holiday season and I guess people just started paying attention to how f–ked up it is that a husband gives his slender wife a Peloton for Christmas and then she dutifully records all of her workout sessions for him to watch:

Yeah, it’s a bad commercial. To be fair, all of the Peloton commercials are bad, it’s just that this one has caused people to sit up and yell “your wife doesn’t need a fancy bike, she’s already in shape, g–ddamn it.” It’s just insulting. And now people are asking themselves what they would do if their spouse dropped two Gs on a damn bike. Divorce? Perhaps. It definitely feels passive-aggressive if the message is “SURPRISE your wife with a Peloton.” If your wife (or husband) specifically asked for a Peloton for Christmas, go buck wild. Do it. That’s nice. But if you’re surprising your spouse with a $2K stationary bike, just… don’t. Open up an investment account with that money in your spouse’s name. Jewelry is nice too.

National Day celebrations, Skaugum, Norway - 17 May 2019

Screencaps from the Peloton commercial.

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