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Ho-ho-holy hell

When: Dec. 4–21
Where: Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group; 4850 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood
Price: $35/up to two riders per ticket, 18+ (A Portion of the Proceeds to Benefit Local Charities Serving the Homeless).

Tags: #horror, #holidays, #freakout, #twistedcomedy, #parody, #ContactAdvisory, #ContentAdvisory, #AccessibilityAdvisory (See Below)

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Zombie Joe welcomes you to a slay-ride that turns holiday traditions and theme park dark rides on their as…uh, ear.

Up to two riders at a time can get on board ZJU’s TurboTuckerMobile for a trip through a “Holiday WonderHELL while letting their imaginations run wild as we freak them out with a plethora of psychedelic situations.”

Official Description Follows

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group proudly presents their All-New Holiday-Horror-Theatre Attraction…An Epic Wild-Ride thru Winter WonderHELL! Featuring Tyler Davidson, Yael Herman, Jorge Lozano, Natalie Luna, Robertha Mallmann, Jessica Sabine, Brandon Slezak, Weston Tucker and Laura Van Yck; Musical Score by Joseph Bishara; Directed by Zombie Joe and Brandon Slezak; Produced by Zombie Joe. For Ages 18 and up. *A simple release-waiver to be signed at the door, prior to entry.

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Contact Level:
Light (Business/Acquaintance)

Content Advisories:

There are simulated sexual and extreme horror situations, no fog/haze, no simulated gunfire, minimum of flashing Christmas lights and low-power lasers. Simple release/waiver to be signed prior to entry.

Accessibility Advisory: ADA accessible. Very short stretches of walking/standing on level, unobstructed floor.

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