What Do California, Halloween, and Your Own Existential Crises Have in Common?

Pictured (from left to right):Lucas Connor, Beckett Edwards, & Tony Davia// Photographed by: Daniella Ernst

Long before the notion of Younger Hunger existed, Tony Davia was coming of age in Laguna Beach, California. Davia began making music during his senior year of high school, alongside his childhood friend and collaborator, Lucas Connor. The two (joined later by Brandon Miranda and Lauren Potts) would go on to perform throughout their college years under the band name Nightair.

Although Davia served as the lead vocalist in both bands, his days of Nightair and garage rock are long gone. When it came to creating the so-called ‘haunt pop’ sound characteristic of Younger Hunger, Davia says, “it was more what we wanted to be doing, what we were inspired by, and what we were listening to.”

Since being joined by keyboardist Becket Edwards, the band has released five singles in the past year. Their most popular to date, “Dead Inside,” (“you ask me what I want from life, I said to make a lot of money and feel dead inside”) has nearly 733,000 streams on Spotify. “It’s supposed to be nihilistic and funny,” Davia said. “Just like, ‘Alright, the world is exploding. Whatever. Fuck it.’”

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