My husband says I shouldn’t go to hospital

DEAR HARRIETTE: In the past few weeks, I have learned about several friends or people that I know who have died in their sleep. It is scaring me so much.

Harriette Cole 

These people were pretty young — in their 40s and 50s. Each seemed relatively healthy, though one woman had the flu or some other similar respiratory problem. They have got me so worried, I can hardly sleep.

My husband calls me a hypochondriac because I have gone to the hospital a few times when I have had heart palpitations or other weird chest pains.

So far, the doctors have never figured out that anything is wrong with me. I have stopped going to the hospital since they never find anything, but sometimes I wake up or can’t go to sleep because of weird chest pains.

I don’t want to die — or waste time, energy and money rushing to the hospital. How can I know when it is time to go?


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