Kenya Moore Shares New Photos Of Her Pregnancy And Pens Emotional Message Explaining Why Her Heart Is Filled This Holiday Despite Drama With Marc Daly

While there is a lot of drama in Kenya Moore’s life, she has one fantastic reason to smile and be grateful, especially during the holiday season — her miracle baby — Brooklyn Daly.

On the most recent episodes of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Moore has been dealing with all the reasons that led to her shocking divorce from husband, Marc Daly.

Additionally, she finds herself butting heads with several co-stars, especially Eva Marcille, who keeps shading her.

However, via social media, the model and businesswoman shared a few adorable photos of her one-year-old daughter and explained how hard it was to become a mother.

Moore opened up about her journey by saying: “Battling infertility can be heartbreaking. I suffered from uterine fibroid tumors so big they became the size of a full-term baby. My struggle was televised for all to see. I was even made fun of for not having a child. I wished I had a way to connect with other women that were going through the same issues. I had so many questions, and a doctor just couldn’t be there for me emotionally. I cried so many times after doctor visits… test results. I didn’t have anyone to talk to that really understood. I often felt alone and depressed. I wanted to know why me…”

She went on to explain: “For women who are trying to conceive and can relate to these feelings, @peanut‘s app has a community for you. Traditionally just for mothers and those expecting, it’s so refreshing to see @peanut expanding their app to women on fertility journeys. It’s a space to meet, talk, listen, and share, so you don’t have to be alone. As you can see from the beautiful photo that I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but the journey wasn’t easy. Download the app today, and share your journey with other compassionate people.”

One fan showed Moore some love by writing: I’m happy for you .. finally got your baby and she’s beautiful ❤️ I’m so glad you are back on the show …if u ever need a real friend I’d be there for you 💯 anyhow love ya girl.”

Another commenter stated: “That was so damn evil when those girls came for you about not having a baby and those gross & tacky egg comments. Now, look at you. You have the most beautiful and amazing baby girl of all! Watching you and your experience have more women hope than you’ll ever know @thekenyamoore. ❤️❤️”

This backer shared: “This is Beautiful🙌,💖 and I’m so very happy for you, been rooting for you since day one Beauty Queen, that lil mama gonna bring you soooooo much joy🙏🙏.”


Some are still hoping that Moore can still save her marriage.

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