Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl, Brooklyn Daly, Has A Great Time In Front Of The TV, Eating Popcorn And Fans Are In Awe, Seeing This Video

Kenya Moore shared a video on her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly’s social media account, that has fans in awe. The gorgeous baby is eating popcorn while watching TV, and fans ate simply in awe.

Check out the clip below, and you’ll see that this will definitely make your day.

‘Watching #volta like you guys watch Mommy on #RHOA 😝👶🏽❤️’ Kenya captioned the video.

A follower said, ‘She looks like she’s grown! I mean, like into it. With the popcorn. Lol, she’s so cute,’ and one follower posted this: ‘Look how in tune she is!!!! That is one smart baby.’

Someone else said: ‘Is that the original popcorn or puff corn she’s eating it too well…so pretty,’ and another follower posted this: ‘This is really cute eating that popcorn like a big girl..Brooklyn is so pretty.’

One other follower posted this: ‘She is such sweet baby looking at a show like little lady,’ and one other commenter posted: ‘I’m mad she acting like she ain’t one year old. This baby is past adorable at this point, lol.’

One fan gushed over the baby girl as well and said: ‘Awww so cute Kenya! And the way she’s eating that popcorn while intently watching the show hehe.’

Someone posted this: ‘Wow, she’s into it and the popcorn… looking like she knows what’s going on,’ and another fan gushed over Brookie and said: ‘Brooklyn is so funny!! Watching the show like a grown woman eating popcorn!!!’

Another Instagrammer ios grateful to Kenya for sharing pics and videos featuring her precious miracle baby: ‘Thanks, Kenya, Brooklyn is beautiful thanks for sharing may God continue on blessing you and your beautiful family.’


Other than this, Kenya got her baby girl some new wheels, and the baby girl simply adores her new vehicle.

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