Two Bulls Were Spotted Taking a Late Night Stroll in Porter Ranch

Like a bull in a china shop, that was the scene for two residents in Porter Ranch who noticed not one but two bulls outside their home Sunday night.

The couple called Los Angeles Department of Animal Services at 11:45 p.m. after they noticed the two bulls roaming the area near the 12400 block of Mason Avenue.

Shortly after LAPD and Animal Services arrived on scene to discover the bulls, one black and the other brown nibbling on some grass on a hillside.

Although the animals did not appear aggressive it didn’t take away from the fact that bulls are not known to be part of Porter Ranch’s wildlife. Animals most commonly seen near the area include mountain lions, coyotes and more but bulls are out of that list.

However although uncommon LA Animal Services said both of the bulls spotted are owned by people who live in LA County and often let the bulls graze the land around this time of year.

LAPD has responded to calls but there is no safety hazard at this time,” said a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

It’s not known who owns the bulls that were last seen wandering off into the mountains.

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