I don’t want to make this gift mistake

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been dating my boyfriend for three months. A month ago, he asked me to be his “girlfriend,” which was very sweet, and I accepted. We are in community college together.

Harriette Cole 

Since we have been dating for this long and are now committed, should I get him a Christmas gift? If so, what is appropriate? I really don’t want to overplay my hand.

In the past, I have gone all out for boyfriends — only to get burned. I want to be appropriate, but I also want to show him that I like him. What should I do?

Gifting for New Beau

DEAR GIFTING FOR NEW BEAU: Why not use this as an opportunity to get to know your boyfriend better? Ask him about his family’s holiday rituals. Find out what he did as a child for the holidays, including gift-giving.

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