WWE Raw: Seth Rollins joins forces with AOP, Rusev gets divorced

Dec. 10 (UPI) — Seth Rollins, after weeks of speculation and accusations by Kevin Owens, aligned himself with tag team AOP.

Owens spent a large portion of Raw looking for AOP and was gifted a steel pipe by United States Champion Rey Mysterio to aid him in his fight. KO had also slapped Mojo Rawley backstage after Rawley joked about where he saw the tag team.

Rollins came out to the ring also asking for AOP which brought out Owens. The Prize Fighter was still suspicious of Rollins who decided to leave Owens to fend for himself.

Owens was then confronted by Rawley and his new manager Sami Zayn of Smackdown fame. Owens quickly took care of Rawley with a well-placed Stunner followed by attacks with the steel pipe and once again headed towards the back where AOP had arrived in their black van.

Owens, backstage, used the steel pipe to smash in the windows of the car. He opened up the backseat to find a hooded figure sitting down in a chair before AOP viciously attacked him from behind. The hooded figure was none other than Rollins who finished off Owens with a Curb Stomp.

Rollins made it clear that had joined forces with Akam and Rezar of AOP during an angry speech where the Beast Slayer blamed the WWE audience for his actions. Rollins lamented about how the fans would still turn against him despite everything he has done including defeating Brock Lesnar twice.

Also on Raw, Rusev and Lana signed their divorce papers live on air in front of a lawyer. The former couple argued throughout the ordeal with Lana claiming that he will never find another woman like her while Rusev was happy to move on.

Rusev, after arguing about who gets custody of their dog, demanded that he get a match with Lana’s new boyfriend Bobby Lashley before he signed the divorce papers. The second Rusev was done putting down his signature, Lashley attacked, however, The Bulgarian Brute recovered and slammed The All Mighty through a table.

Rusev will face off against Lashley in a Tables match on Sunday at TLC.

Mysterio, in the main event, defended his United States Championship against AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One, who had received help from his group The OC, had the match virtually won after he nailed Mysterio with a Styles Clash.

As Styles went for the pin, his rival Randy Orton entered the ring and starred him down but did not attack. The distraction was enough for Mysterio to surprise pin Styles and win the match.

Other moments from Raw included Drew McIntyre defeating Matt Hardy; Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders successfully defending their titles against The Street Profits; Aleister Black defeating Akira Tozawa; Humberto Carillo defeating Andrade; Buddy Murphy defeating Zack Ryder; Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors ending their match against Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch by using a steel chair; and Lynch and Charlotte Flair agreeing to team up to face The Kabuki Warriors at TLC in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

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