Gray days ahead for the Bay Area, but not much rain

After storms that caused travel mayhem, road closures and rainbows last week, the Bay Area is now stuck in a kind of weather purgatory: Not much rain, but not much sun, either.

Murky moisture — but little actual downpour — will move over the region until the weekend, lending itself to gray, gloomy days without the payoff of big rain, according to the National Weather Service.

“The pattern that we’re kind of in is not going to produce widespread rainfall, but it’ll produce cloudy conditions and light rain here and there,” said Roger Gass, meteorologist with the NWS. “We’re stuck in the middle.”

The North Bay will see the bulk of the showers, but it still won’t be significant, NWS said. Light rain began falling overnight Monday in the Santa Rosa area, with accumulated rainfall expected to reach between one-tenth and one-quarter of an inch by Friday.

In the South Bay and East Bay, though, clouds will give way only to a few isolated sprinkles throughout the week.

“It’s not anything that will wash out your plans,” Gass said.

The not-quite-rainy weather system also leaves plenty of ground to make up when it comes to rainfall totals. San Jose has reached about 68 percent of its historic rainfall totals for the season, while Oakland is at 57 percent. Santa Rosa, for its part, is already at 120 percent.

Over the weekend, conditions will begin to dry out again as the moist system sloughs off, allowing the sun to poke out again on Saturday and overnight lows to drop into the mid-40s.

But until then, bring your umbrella — maybe.

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