Elton John, Chris Hemsworth, & The Wiggles All Showing Up Big Time For Australian Bush Fire Firefighters & Victims

Does it get any more superstar than Elton John, Chris Hemsworth & The Wiggles?

Chris Hemsworth, Elton John & The original members of The Wiggles are all turning up big to help Australian firefighters and victims of the massive bushfires burning up the continent.

Elton John announced at the end of his concert in Sydney, that he will personally be donating $1 million to the fund.

Superstar actor Chris Hemsworth announced on Instagram that he, too, is donating $1 million!

And how about The Wiggles!? The original cast members are coming back together again to do two shows to benefit the firefighters and victims of the bushfires.

The Wiggles original line up (from left) Greg Page, Anthony Field, Jeff Fatt and Murray Cook will play a two fundraising shows. Credit: TONY PHILLIPS/AAPIMAGE

7News Australia reports the group announced on Monday that it would perform a one-off over 18s concert with its original members – Greg Page, Murray Cook, Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt – with proceeds going toward the Australian Red Cross and wildlife organization WIRES.

The original cast of the Wiggles hasn’t performed together since 2012.

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