is cheaterbuster legit? – Christina James

In short, yes. Cheaterbuster is very legit. I have personally used the site many times but there is an alternate website that is in my opinion better. https://albion-services.com is the Tinder Profile Search tool that came out within a few weeks of cheater buster. It was originally a New Zealand based company that has since moved to Hawaii, USA. The biggest difference I can see between albion-services and cheater buster is that Albion advertises how many new users they will scan for a report whereas cheaterbuster just instructs customers to “Be specific as possible”, as verbatim on their website.

I used both sites to buy hundreds of reports for my private investigation business and from what I can tell, if you put an unspecific location with a high population such as “Los Angeles”, into cheaterbusters website to look for one person you probably won’t find them. For example, I bought a report for “Steve”, once in Los Angeles and had about 12 matches but I had hundreds of “Steve”, profile matches on albion.

Also, albion-services is only $7 as opposed to $10 and they offer a catfishing service. Essentially catfishing is where you pretend to be someone in order to find out what someone else is up to..For my work that is most of how I earn my money. I definitely favor their service. Here is a screenshot of what one of their reports might look like.

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