Joe Rogan, Jim Jefferies & Whitney Cummings Set for LA Stand-Up Benefit for Australian Fires

A group of comedians led by Australian comic Monty Franklin have announced the Stand Up for Australian Fires Benefit with Joe Rogan, Jim Jefferies and Whitney Cummings. Franklin will host the Jan. 26 event located at The Novo in Los Angeles.

“I don’t have a million dollars and I don’t have a million followers. But what I do have is some great friends, that just happen to be some of the best comedians in the world,” Franklin tells Billboard in a statement after being devastated by images of the fire. “So last Friday at The Comedy Store within 10 minutes of coming up with an idea for a stand-up benefit show I had Joe Rogan, Jim Jefferies and Whitney Cummings, without hesitation, on board to help.”

Franklin reached out to fellow comedian and former Wax frontman Joe Sib who got Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman involved.

“To be honest I don’t even know what happened after that, but Joe and Kevin went nuts. They got the teams at AEG and Goldenvoice on board, everyone coming together and hustling to get this together in under 48 hours,” says Franklin. “I went from feeling helpless looking at pictures of my country burning, to feeling hopeful and looking at posters of a huge comedy benefit that will generate funds, awareness and support to the whole country.”

The one-night-only event will benefit Wildlife Warriors, which is run by the Irwins and Australia Zoo Hospital.

“When hearing about the loss of half a billion animals and the need to help the ones injured immediately to ensure the survival of many species, I thought that’s where my focus is going,” says Franklin.

Funds raised will go to sending medical supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers on the frontline of the fire-affected areas, purchasing commercial food preparation equipment for wildlife care groups to cater for the huge number of patients and constructing a climate-controlled intensive care ward for the ever-growing number of koala patients.

Tickets for Stand Up for Australian Fires are available now via The Novo.

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