Why the Niners will blow out the Packers

We really don’t need to give this much deference to the Packers, Aaron Rodgers, or the NFC Championship Game.

I understand that the Packers have won six straight games and only lost three times this campaign, that Rodgers is a Hall of Fame quarterback — one of the best to ever do it, and that the NFC Championship Game is a massive contest, typically reserved for two great teams, but some things in this world are not what they appear.

The 49ers arrive at Levi’s Stadium and play a solid — not even spectacular — game, they will roll over the Packers on Sunday. Despite the presumed quality of the two teams, the margin between these squads is that significant. San Francisco is an elite team — battle-tested — boasting a better offense, a better defense, better special teams, and better coaching than Green Bay, a middle-of-the-pack (pardon the pun) squad masquerading as a Super Bowl contender.

The Packers might have the better quarterback Sunday, but even that’s debatable, and it’s an advantage that will almost surely be neutralized.

But for the Packers to win, they’ll need that quarterback — Rodgers — to lift up the entire team, to be transcendent. That’s their one route for going toe-to-toe with a 49ers team that shows up correct to Levi’s Stadium.

And there’s simply no evidence that Rodgers play at that level anymore.

Perhaps he’s been sandbagging us for the last two years. Maybe he has a time machine that can take him back to 2016 ahead of Sunday. But unless one of those two things is true, I think we’re going to have something close to a repeat performance of the 49ers’ Week 12 win in the NFC Championship Game.

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