bitchy | Prince Charles took a private jet to Davos to launch an environmental program

It’s almost ridiculous to see the flurry of activity around the royals in the wake of Sussexit. That’s how you know that Harry and Meghan’s departure is a big deal: the Windsors are working extra hard to present a “business as usual” image. So, in the last 24 hours, the Duchess of Sussex stepped on the Duchess of Cambridge’s Early Years launch newscycle, after which royal reporters got their panties in a bunch. Then Prince Charles took a private jet to Davos to give a speech about environmentalism. Everybody’s stepping on everybody’s newscycle and it’s glorious.

Prince Charles is flying into Davos today on a chartered plane costing an estimated £15,000 after his usual jet went in for a service – but he will be whisked to the World Economic Forum by electric car after choosing to dodge a fuel-guzzling helicopter.

The Prince of Wales will be driven two hours through the Alps from a Swiss airport to the billionaire’s playground where he will join Donald Trump as one of the star attractions in the ski resort. Away from the turmoil caused by Harry and Meghan, Charles will launch an ambitious project to help financial markets become more sustainable during a visit to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

[From The Daily Mail]

Somebody please save these people from themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I would probably enjoy the annual Davos summit too, even though I think it’s asinine to hold a major global summit in January in Switzerland. But of course Charles took a private jet to Davos and of course he’s speaking about environmentalism and sustainability. So what’s the big keen project and will he be criticized with the same vitriol Harry got for making similar trips last year? Charles is launching the Sustainable Markets Council and here’s an excerpt from his speech:

“With consumers controlling an estimated 60% of global G.D.P., people around the world have the power to drive the transformation to sustainable markets. Yet, we cannot expect consumers to make sustainable choices if these choices are not clearly laid before them. As consumers increasingly demand sustainable products, they deserve to be told more about product lifecycles, supply chains and production methods. For a transition to take place, being socially and environmentally conscious cannot only be for those who can afford it. If all the true costs are taken into account, being socially and environmentally responsible should be the least expensive option because it leaves the smallest footprint behind.

With 2020 being seen as the “super year”, kick-starting a decade of action for people and planet…I intend to do my utmost to ensure that the message of urgency, systemic change, collaboration and integration is heard.

[Via the Prince of Wales’ website]

It’s honestly very interesting and as we all know, Charles has been a huge environmentalist for decades, so he’s not a Johnny-come-lately to any of this. Still, the private jet to Davos… come on, he shot himself in the foot before he even stepped off the plane.

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