Garoppolo doesn’t need respect to win the Super Bowl

The two-week gap between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl is a godsend to both teams playing in the game.

They use the extra week to install game plans, heal bodies, and reflect on what has been an incredible journey to date.

But let’s be honest: this break is a burden on the fans and media.

Two weeks? That’s far too much time to talk about one game.

With a berth that wide, there was never any doubt that some wild takes would fly. Such is this day and age.

One national narrative has already broken through: the Super Bowl quarterback matchup is comically lopsided.

On its face, it’s easy to see how this thought came to pass.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is, unquestionably, the league’s best at the most important position in sports. Imagine that Russell Wilson had the ability to throw it 70 yards, across his body, with pinpoint accuracy while off-balance — that’s Mahomes.

And then there’s 49ers’ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who has thrown 27 passes all postseason.

Lopsided. Right?

Not so fast.

Ignoring the all-to-critical fact that the quarterbacks will never actually match up against each other on the field, this takeaway is utterly laughable.

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