Can the Lakers Upgrade This Roster? – Keandre Ashley

Robert Covington

Kyle Kuzma doesn’t exactly fit with this Lakers team. He’s been turned into a spot up shooter, who’s expected to be a microwave, when he’s more of a rhythm scorer.

Ultimately, long playoff series’ against guys like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Giannis will render Kuzma nearly useless if he can’t score at a tremendous level.

Covington can be a 40% three point shooter, especially in a LeBron-led offense. And he can also guard other wings for the entirety of games.

Kuzma, Cousins and Cook (2nd) is the ideal package for Robert Covington.

Marcus Morris

Rumors say the Knicks are hoping to get back a first-round pick for Marcus Morris. However, the Lakers cannot trade a first due to the Stepien Rule and protections placed on picks that were sent to the Pelicans.

Marcus Morris would be good for the Lakers. He’s a big body who can guard multiple positions and knock down threes. He’s also someone you can throw the ball to for big buckets throughout the game.

Andre Iguodala

There’s no reason for the Lakers to give up any assets for Andre Iguodala. It’s hard to tell whether or not the 7–8 month layoff will be beneficial for him.

He could, in theory, be a great fit for a veteran-laden team that could always use another guy with championship experience. He’s not a good shooter and his injury history could catch up to him at any moment.

If he’s a buyout guy, he’s worth a shot, just for the sake of keeping him off of the Clippers. If not, they can sleep easily at night.

Tony Snell

I haven’t seen Tony Snell’s name come up in potential targets for the Lakers. He’s silently improved and become a solid 3&D guy. If the Lakers could give up Avery Bradley and some seconds for him, it would be a definite upgrade.

Also, Tony Snell was high school teammates with Kawhi for whatever that’s worth.

Scorers: LeBron James, Anthony Davis **DeMarcus Cousins?

Rim Runners: Javale McGee, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis

Playmakers: LeBron James, **Rajon Rondo

Shooters: Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, Quinn Cook, **Avery Bradley, Troy Daniels

The biggest glaring weaknesses come from a lack of a good secondary playmaker and a wing defender, who can either, also knock down threes or is such a good defender you can’t bring him out (not Avery Bradley, 26.3% from 3).

Rondo, Bradley and possibly Kuzma are the guys who may need to be removed from their rotation to maximize the strengths of this roster and compete with the team construction of the Bucks and the Clippers.

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