How the Warriors influenced the Niners Super Bowl run

SANTA CLARA — There’s an alternate universe where 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan followed a different dream in a different sport.

“Basketball was my favorite,” Shanahan said of his childhood. “I always loved basketball. I think those are the best athletes, they’re the most fun to watch.

“That’s the one I wish I could have played.”

Alas, Shanahan — in no small part because of his lineage (his father, Mike, is a two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach) — was better suited for football.

But you can see the influences of those lost hoop dreams in the way his football teams play. Especially these Super Bowl-bound 49ers.

Shanahan still enjoys watching basketball. He’s not a die-hard fan, but, like the rest of us, he’ll tune into the NBA playoffs every year. And a few years ago, before he took over as the 49ers’ head coach, he took to a particular team:

The Warriors.

Yes, as the 49ers head down to Miami to try to bring the Bay Area another championship in Super Bowl LIV, they’ll be guided by the principles and teachings of the most recent Bay Area champions.

“I just have always been a fan of them. Even before I got here, just watching how they play” Shanahan said. “I remember saying in Atlanta… that I wanted our receiver group to be similar to the Warriors.”

(Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group) 

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