Disney Plus Short Lamp Life Trailer Previews a Bo Peep Toy Story 4 Prequel

This week, Pixar released the trailer for a new short filmLamp Life, which is meant to serve as a prequel (of sorts) to the events of Toy Story 4. Choosing to focus on Bo Peep’s (Annie Potts) story, this new short looks like it’s gonna be all sorts of delightful.


Image via Disney/Pixar

“Overall, life on a baby lamp isn’t exciting,” we hear Bo Peep tell Woody during their ferris wheel reunion. But, as the trailer teases, Bo Peep’s life in the years since 1999’s Toy Storyhave been nothing but exciting. Lamp Life is going to bring us right into Bo Peep’s world, showing us all of the twists and turns fate has taken the feisty ceramic shepherdess and her flock of sheep. Yes, Bo Peep’s post-Toy Storylife begins in a new home where she illuminates the bedroom of a new baby. But things quickly go awry when some faulty wiring years later cause the lamp to catch on fire. But, as we know thanks to Toy Story 4, Bo Peep and her flock are not doomed to the dustbin. Instead, she finds a second, third, fourth (and more) life with new owners of all kinds.

Potts has returned to voice Bo Peep in Lamp Life. Standing in for Tom Hanks, the regular voice of Woody, is his brother, Jim Hanks. Also, Christina Hendricks will reprise her Toy Storycharacter Gabby Gabby. Additionally, the short has been directed by Valerie LaPointe, who worked as a writer on the fourth Toy Story movie.

Check out the trailer for Lamp Life below. The Pixar short arrives on Disney+ on January 31.

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