Taylor Swift Cancels Surprise Grammys Performance Due To Purported Sexism Scandal

Followers of the Recording Academy controversy know that the Grammys has experienced many problems over the last few months, especially after it was revealed Deborah Dugan was fired just a week before the Grammys were slated to kick off.

Dugan, after her employment’s termination, released a statement claiming that the Academy was simply firing her as a way of drawing focus away from the “unlawful” activity happening behind closed doors at the Recording Academy.

It was later claimed by multiple publications that the former president of the organization, Neil Portnow, was accused of rape by a female singer. This may have something to do with the cancelation of Taylor Swift’s performance at the Grammy Awards this Sunday.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Taylor won’t be going to the Grammy Awards at all. Reportedly, it was never discussed publicly that Taylor would be performing there, however, insiders claimed she was going to perform a “feminist anthem.”

As most know, Taylor has been nominated in three different categories this year, including Song of the Year for her track, “Lover.” Swift, in her new song, questions, whether she would’ve had to work as hard in her music career had she been a man.

Variety was the first to reveal that Taylor was dropping out of the ceremony, stating that her cancelation was done “quietly.” As it was previously reported, Swift stopped by the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night to view the premiere of her brand new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana.

Variety claims that her flight out of Park City to head back to Los Angeles sparked rumors that she was needed for the Grammy Awards. Followers of the Recording Academy controversy know that it first kicked off back in 2018 when the former President, Neil Portnow, claimed that women needed to “step up” to receive more recognition from the Academy.


A media and social media firestorm began and Neil’s employment with the organization was in peril. He continued working there until his contract expired.

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