bitchy | The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will likely do another Australian tour

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their 2014 tour of Australia. This was their first and only South Pacific tour as a couple/family, although William has returned to Australia and New Zealand since this tour. This was the tour where they brought Prince George, who wasn’t even one year old, and we got tons of photos of him punching babies and looking like he wanted to play with all of the native Australian animals. Going back to these old photos, it’s really remarkable how much Kate and William’s appearance has changed in just six years, right? William’s looks have, frankly, faded. And I forgot how dark Kate’s hair used to be! Anyway, there are reports that William and Kate will do another tour in Australia:

Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to visit the areas in Australia that have been ravaged by the recent bushfires. The couple is expected to be invited by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Australia media reported Tuesday, following preliminary discussions with the palace. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit the states of New South Wales and Victoria, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Other areas might be added.

William and Kate’s office at Kensington Palace didn’t have a comment — as is protocol until a tour or visit is confirmed and plans are made. Last month, William and Kate joined other members of the royal family, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in expressing their sadness that the fires “are destroying homes, livelihoods and wildlife across much of Australia.”

Six years ago, the couple visited an area that had been hit by fires when they toured the country (with son Prince George) in April 2014. There is no news yet on whether the couple would take any — or all three — of their children.

William and Kate are said to have made their availability for a possible visit known to their office and the governments of both the U.K. and Australia. And, while sympathetic to the emergency work and rescues under way in Australia, the royals would not want to go there too early and divert energy, resources and attention away from the urgent missions to save people, livestock, wildlife and the countryside.

[From People]

The bushfires were raging a month ago, but I thought most of the fires had been put out by the widespread rain in mid-January? That’s the way it sounded when they were talking about it during the Australian Open, but maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s still a situation where first-responders cannot divert attention away from the situation. Considering the Cambridges’ wide-open schedule and their habit of hyping their sh-t months in advance, I wouldn’t think that this tour will happen before April or May anyway.

Also, of course they want another bite at the “Australia loves us” apple, especially considering the reception Harry and Meghan got during their tour in the fall of 2018. It was during that tour that Prince William, Prince Charles and their offices began to freak out at the Sussexes’ global popularity and thus, the smear campaign was born. I hope Oz is ready for the Cambridges’ new vibe, The Kiss Our Feet, We’re All You’ve Got Tour.

Oh, and this was just confirmed yesterday: the Cambridges will go on a three day tour of Ireland next month, from March 3rd through March 5th.



Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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