Jon Bon Jovi shares how Prince Harry accepted ‘Unbroken’ for Invictus Games

Jon Bon Jovi opened up about his recent collaboration with Prince Harry for Invictus Games and revealed how the British prince accepted his offer to record a charity single for the game.

Jon Bon Jovi will record a special single titled “Unbroken” for the Invictus Games, an international adaptive multi-sport event created by Prince Harry in 2014 for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans. The legendary singer opened up about the collaboration during an appearance on “The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show with Sky” on Wednesday, reports Hello.

The “Bon Jovi” band’s lead singer, whose both parents have served in the US Marine Corps, told host DJ Chris that he had written the song “Unbroken” for an American documentary about military veterans with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, before releasing the song in America, he came across the thought to gift the track to Invictus Games.

“I had sent (Prince Harry) a letter back in August with the song and the lyrics before it came out in America. And I said it would be a great gift from me to the Invictus Games. And a long story short… He said yes and stuck to it. So we’re doing it,” the 57-year-old revealed.

“The Invictus Games had a choir. And so my idea and letter to him at the time was, I’d like to give you the single. I would love to give something back to the people you care, giving me so much in these less nearly 40 years. But I want them to be the singers,” he continued.

Bon Jovi will be joined by the British royal when he records the track with the Invictus Choir at Abbey Road Studios on Friday. The charity single will be recorded in Studio 2, which was made famous by The Beatles who recorded 11 out of their 13 albums there. The original version of the track will feature in the rocker’s forthcoming album too.

For the recording, Bon Jovi will be joined by 12 military veterans who will sing the chorus to the existing track. Elaborating on the plans, he told Chris: “I’ve got 12 veterans. They’ll sing the chorus to the existing track, which, you know, I did. And then I’ll be on the new record. And then we’ll release it as a single here in time for their games and hopefully raise them some money.”

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The “Livin’ on a Prayer” hitmaker also quipped on the royal status of the Duke of Sussex, who will cease to be a working royal from Tuesday, March 31. Dubbing him an artist, Bon Jovi said: “I’ve been asking, what do I do? How do I address him? And then I realise I’m going to call him the artist formerly known as Prince.”