Turning school down without burning bridge

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have been accepted by two graduate schools, which is very exciting! I have already put the deposit down on one, and plan to go there since it seems it will fit my life and learning style best. I was wondering: What is the proper way to decline the other school?

Judith Martin 

GENTLE READER: There is an argument to be made that applying to a school is a business transaction, meaning that the university, as the seller, should be content with a simple, “Thank you, but I’ve decided not to enroll.”

Miss Manners is not, however, confident that you will never need them again — whether for the next graduate degree, employment when you graduate, or when your university of choice turns out to be on a flood plain.

She therefore advises the extra effort of telling them how grateful you are to have been accepted, how impressed you were by their program, and how much it pains you not to be able to accept.

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