11 unique & affordable Silicon Valley Airbnbs

Yes, we know how it goes.

A list of Airbnbs in Silicon Valley is likely expected to be an assortment of ostentatious $1800-a-night modern mansions originally constructed by the former CEO of MicroApple Softbook. Instead of indulging in those overpriced cliches, we opted to compile a functioning list that you can use, rather than merely gawk at. Because when it comes to Silicon Valley, there are actually plenty of enticing options that offer genuine atmosphere and experience… if you know where to find them.

These (mostly) affordable Airbnbs embody the diversity of Bay Area living. They exhibit the tech-savvy side of the area, of course, but they also represent a mindfulness of space, a vibrant local art scene, a rich history and a fascinating fusion of cultures. But most importantly, they offer you a variety of options so you can stay in style.

Really… when it comes down to it, would you rather look out the window of a Best Western towards the sprawl of Highway 101…or (for the same price range) see the serenity of a shaded redwood forest? Or rolling green hills? Or a foggy coastline? Your call.

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