No Time to Die Behind the Scenes Video Teases Daniel Craig’s Last Ride

We’re a little over a month away from the release of No Time to Die, the 25th installment in the long-running James Bond franchise, and a new behind-the-scenes video has been revealed that finds director and co-writer Cary Joji Fukunaga offering some tantalizing teases of what’s ahead—and another confirmation that this is very much Daniel Craig’s swan song. Fukunaga wasn’t the first director attached to this project (that would be Danny Boyle), but it’s clear that when he did sign on, he brought with him an abundance of ideas. That’s evidenced not only by his screenwriting credit on the movie, but also the specificity with which he teases No Time to Die in this new video.

Fukunaga talks about challenging the notions of where Bond fits into the spy world in the modern era, and what it means for him to return to the 00 fold after five years in retirement. Indeed, Fukunaga says that “from the moment he’s called to action to the end of the film it’s a race, not only to save the world but their lives,” as footage of Lea Sedoux’s Dr. Madeline Swann graces the screen.

The Maniac filmmaker also briefly teases Rami Malek’s villain Safin, throwing in a bit of a dig at Spectre/Spectre in the process by saying he’s “smarter and stronger than Spectre.” So here’s hoping that nonsense from the last movie is left behind.

Last but not least, Fukunaga confirms once again that No Time to Die is Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie. Roger Moore was 58 when he retired, so Craig’s age of 51 doesn’t quite set a record—and indeed he could believably continue on. But Craig’s tenure has been rocked by starts and stops and more significant delays than usual, so it makes sense that he’s ready to move on. Here’s hoping he goes out on a high note.

Check out the new No Time to Die behind-the-scenes video below. The film opens in the UK on April 2nd and in the US on April 10th.


Image via IMAX

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