Monster Hunter Movie Posters: Milla Jovovich Is Ready to Fight

Paul W.S. Anderson is back, folks. Screen Gems has released the first posters for the Resident Evil filmmaker’s new video game adaptation Monster Hunter, which is actually our first look at the movie period. The Capcom video game series launched in 2004 on PlayStation 2 and basically had you playing the role of a Hunter who was tasked with hunting and killing various monsters. A basic premise to be sure, but a fun one.

Anderson’s film expands on that premise a bit and finds Milla Jovovich playing Captain Natalie Artemis, a member of a United Nations military team that falls into a portal to an alternate world in which Hunters fight giant monsters. They must then prevent the monsters from entering the portal and heading to Earth. So yeah, the Resident Evil guy is making a movie about people fighting big-ass monsters.

Anderson has plenty of experience helming gritty video game adaptations having first made a name for himself with 1995’s Mortal Kombat. He then directed the first Resident Evil movie, as well as the latter sequels Afterlife, Retribution, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. That 2016 film was the last time Anderson was behind the camera, so it’s been a little bit since we had a new PWSA movie.

The filmmaker also wrote the script for Monster Hunter, and these posters show off both Jovovich’s Earth-born character as well as Tony Jaa’s “Hunter” character, with whom Jovovich must team up to prevent the monsters from reaching Earth. The ensemble also includes Clifford T.I. Harris, Jr., Ron Perlman, Diego Boneta, and Meagan Good.

Check out the Monster Hunter movie posters below. The film hits theaters on September 4th.

monster-hunter-movie-poster-tony-jaa monster-hunter-movie-poster-milla-jovovich

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